Week 8 De Dan De Dan De Dan

You know these work place fantasy leagues? Well years ago, I was player in a Gran Prix one, with about 30 or so others, it was all well organised, with a league table and rules etc. It was like a fiver a week, and half the pot was split between the lads who had the driver that got the chequered flag and lads with the winning team.   The balance of that weekly pot was held over for the best Fantasy Team at the end of the season.

I rarely got a look in week in week out, but you know it was good craic because I was regularly runner up or as they’d say in bingo; sweating. So on a Monday morning when you wouldn’t be in the humour for anything the banter could get you through to Wednesday.

I was reminded of those days, with the lads, lads I haven’t seen or heard from in probably 20 years, last night. Because at the end of that first season, my fantasy team, Scuderia Forani, won.

I can still see the fecker running it now, ah he was the funniest lad I ever worked with tbh, come into my little office, put about 200 yoyos down and slip-off  like he was ducking out early, and left me hooping and wha’how’ya now bhiys to meself until his smoking buttie came in with a catering size coffee tin filled with coin shrapnel.

Another 300 or so, and the print offs of the league table.  Wasn’t I well clear of the rest of them with their trips ta Silverstone and their cans of Fosters and Jordan t-shirts.  Slow and steady, there and thereabouts, week after week.

Which has been Ruby’s Bake Off so far, and you know who else had the same experience? Last year’s winner Sophie Faldo.

I have come to appreciate Ruby’s Bake Off journey so much, like last week her showstopper give up, but she was all star baker for me last night. The sign of a champ; and she’s still improving.  And she’s fun. Feck’sake, Rahul would have ya reciting the rosary when he starts talking and listing his ingredients.

ruby noel

Something else, now this might be ‘cause we get to spend more time with them now with the culling, but did anyone else notice how tall she is?  Like I think she’s taller than Noel, and he’s in those silly cuban heel things.

Anyway, the real stuff; I really really enjoyed Danish week. Not so much for the baking, or that I was thrilled for Ruby but it was just brilliant telly for the Bake Off watcher.  It could be that I had no idea what to expect or that I sat down with nothing in mind or anyone already mentally pre-selected for going and showstopping.

Just even listening to Sandi pronounce the bakes in their mother tongue Danish, to hearing her laugh was easy listening telly; Dane Sandi Toksvig from now on.

Something else from my bygone days for ye – one time at a local jumble sale I picked up an old cookery book and it had wonderful notes and dinner plans left inside from the previous owner.

Its in olde imperial which can be a pain, and its a bit whiffy as it probably pre-dates Abigail’s Party.  But it started a bit’ve of thing now where I always browse the 2nd hand shelves for cook books, not that I’ve had as much luck since, but I never feel disappointed for trying anyway.

I mention it now because it has a great recipe for Danish Pastries that make them unfaffable.


Apologies for the pics lads, but its Cordon Blue Cookery by Rosemary Hume and Muriel Downs, and has the best pastry section you’ll get in one place. So maybe keep an eye out for it yereselves.
To give mention to the bakes last night, well I thought the signature was a great challenge; and we haven’t seen sangwiches in the tent since the garden party final showstopper in Season 1.  Have we?
As the Pru’Paul went over here’s one I made earlier bit with the Technical, the dependent said t’me that’s so you and she’s right. Only thing is it seems to require kit but a egg poacher might do the job.   Also, I wouldn’t be doing the dipping sauce. But Paul’s recipe is cracking, both for the batter and the spicy apple insides. Mind you he has the skill level set at easy. I’m not so sure about that; far be it from me to question The Hollywood, but I’d set it to feckie lads.

You have to hand it to Kim-Joy, and ye’ve heard me say it before, her finishing is the best the tent has ever seen. Maybe she’s an artist at heart and baking is her medium and preferred art form, because an artistic temperament would definitely explain the tears.  Mind you with the exception of our Star Ruby, they all had a bit’ve cry.

Now I know twitter etc has gone mad over Manon getting relegated to the Extra Slice, and Rahul was a goner from the start with his 101 toppings asaic.

But in the balance of the series so far, and that Manon did drift off from Danish week with her French rye loaf while her pain au chocolat in the showstopper didn’t sit well with the Hollywood at all, Rahul did deserve another lash at it.

Although if he survives Patisserie week, I’ll pack this lark in, and ye’ve only two more weeks of this to go anyway.

Then its all over.

After nearly ten years with Frilly

who knows.  But its like losing my best friend.

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